Uniwersytet Rzeszowski Wersja polska Zakład Dydaktyki Techiniki i Informatyki

Theme of journal

The editors scientific journals “Education Technology Computer Science” is aimed at conducting a broad discussion over the basic problems of education, formal and informal learning in Polish and international educational systems. In particular, we would like to draw your attention at pedagogical consequences arising from constantly emerging new directions of the development of IT society.

The journal “Education Technology Computer Science” shall be depicted in form of new issues within a year according in four dates.

The subject of the particular divisions of the journal concentrates around the following issues which shall be included in your studies.

The problems of technology and professional (vocational) education:
  1. Technology education in the light of civilization transformations
  2. Professional (vocational) education and labour pedagogy
  3. Education for sustainable development
  4. Educating the teachers of technology and professional (vocational) subjects
The problems of informatics and information education:
  1. Informatics and information – education and future
  2. Computer learning programs
  3. IT education for teachers
  4. Basis of informatics and information management

Transmitted Articles published in the following terms listed below:               

  1. 15.02.2019
  2. 15.05.2019
  3. 15.07.2019
  4. 15.11.2019

The editor reserves the right to print the article at any time other than the stated schedule.